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goldsmith's courses
wax modeling course for goldsmiths corsi di oreficeria a Crotone,corsi in calabria,corsi per orafi,corso di oreficeria,corso modellazione cera

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the Course of modeling Wax for Jewellery

A technique for the creation of objects of the figurative type is very close to the sculpture. Instead of metal, the objects are made from a block of wax and processed both with files and gravers with special tools.
At the end of the work you can get prototypes in wax of a ring, a pendant, a bracelet or anything else.Later, with the technique of lost-wax casting will be transformed into an exact copy in metal of gold, silver or bronze.


Modeling and excavation of the various types of waxes, hard, medium, soft, tube, slab, block, wire, preparation of wax models for the goldsmith, the application of all the most important techniques (the use of the saw for wax, lime, sanding, milling cutters, saldacere, injector wax, welding and finishing of the piece in the wax),preparation of specific forms of figurative

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Available all year, except for the month of September and holidays
Days and hours may vary; please contact us for confirmation
80 hours
1,500 € (or 2 installments of € 800)
The course will be held in Crotone for information 3895614470. e-mail address.

the-course-of-modeling-wax-for-jewellery-and-100-0re the-course-of-modeling-wax-for-jewellery-and-100-0re


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