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There is nothing more fascinating than stopping to look at the hands of a goldsmith devoted to their work. The skill with which it uses small tools on objects equally small, and thus leaving slight movements that have the power of sculpting the metal and bend it to the desired shapes, has the flavour of a magic ritual, and this is what you can enjoy at the laboratory of Romeo.

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NewCondition 99.00
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zeus-ring-with-petelia-greek- zeus-ring-with-petelia-greek- zeus-ring-with-petelia-greek-

NewCondition 182.00
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fascia-pesce-di-cristo-mod-5251 fascia-pesce-di-cristo-mod-5251 fascia-pesce-di-cristo-mod-5251 fascia-pesce-di-cristo-mod-5251 fascia-pesce-di-cristo-mod-5251 fascia-pesce-di-cristo-mod-5251 fascia-pesce-di-cristo-mod-5251

NewCondition 0.00
romeo-graduation-gold-ring- romeo-graduation-gold-ring- romeo-graduation-gold-ring-

NewCondition 160.00
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fascia-civetta-magna-grecia- fascia-civetta-magna-grecia- fascia-civetta-magna-grecia-

NewCondition 88.00
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romeo-ties-solid-silver-ring- romeo-ties-solid-silver-ring- romeo-ties-solid-silver-ring- romeo-ties-solid-silver-ring-

NewCondition 0.00
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NewCondition 130.00
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rotating-christogram-ring- rotating-christogram-ring- rotating-christogram-ring- rotating-christogram-ring- rotating-christogram-ring- rotating-christogram-ring- rotating-christogram-ring- rotating-christogram-ring-

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You have in mind a type of jewel in particular? You need a custom solution ? Please contact our staff via e-mail romeo@romeogioielli.com or by phone 3895614470 : you will find trained professionals that can understand your needs, answer your questions and solve your problems.

Your every comment is important to us as it allows us to grow and provide services which are more qualified to continue to provide the top service.


Romeo is the art of the jewel: we have 44 years in the industry creating jewellery and jewellery of great value with the sale throughout the national territory.
In addition to our lines we also offer accurate services of restoration, repair, reproduction and maintenance for your jewelry.
Evaluation and purchase of gold and gems.Please contact us via e-mail romeo@romeogioielli.it , phone 0962 905710 cell 3895614470 or go directly to our laboratory in via Venezia 17 of The floor to get to know all of our offerings.


A jewel is the best expression of your affection and lasts for a long time, increasing in value and becoming an eternal keepsake of your love. See the catalogue of our production, you will find the perfect piece for any occasion.

  • Rings in gold, silver, white gold
  • Wedding rings designed for you

Custom Design to meet your particular requirements. Please contact our staff to arrange the best solution


Statua in argento massiccio di San FrancescoAskos in argento massiccio opere uniche di Gaspare Brescia e RomeoScultura in Bronzo di Sfinge alata Tripode in argento dell'antica Kroton realizzato a mano

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